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Why Success is your Birthright

This is going to be really deep and informative, so stick around to the end!

Lets do a thought exercise.

Life Story

So - we all have our own localised reality. It's like a bubble of 'life' that exists around us, right? You're living through your movie. I'm living through my movie.

Even if we're standing next to eachother, you're at the centre of your reality, and I'm at the centre of mine. Everybody has their own life or movie playing out around them.

When you think about it, this is actually pretty strange. Every human being that we see and interact with has their own complete set of emotions, opinions, and has their own history or story which they've starred in the whole way. It's easy to forget that and be intimidated by people, or even hate them. If you hate someone, just remember that they're in the exact same situation as you are. They've been dumped in their own story too.

And don't think I'm talking about other people only. I mean you. You're in this story right now, living it out, even as you read.

Now what does this have to do with success?

Well, that's the big question. What is success really? And why are we here; why are we all living out these stories?


I'm going to go a little deep here to help you understand.

When a plant wants to grow, it sends out roots that explore the earth around it. Each of these roots is moving in its own direction to try and find a succesful source of nutrients that will allow the plant to grow. The roots that work soak up the nutrients, the ones that don't will shrivel and fail.

What about life at a larger scale? A species tries lots of different mutations, each creating a new path that the animal could progress down through the generations. If a mutation gives an advantage - like the hump of a camel - then that path works and camels evolve to have humps. If it doesn't work then that animal dies off. The unsuccessful die out and the successful survive. This is the survival of the fittest.

All life does this. It's the evolutionary process and it's fundamental to every aspect of reality.

So what are you?

Lets zoom out even further.

Surely we can't assume that we're the only things in the universe that are the exception to this rule.

We are all conscious or aware, right? You must be conscious in order to read this article.

You could describe this bubble of life around you as a field of awareness - right? The bubble is everything that you're aware of.


Consider for a moment - and you don't have to believe me, but lets entertain the possibility - that reality on a large scale works in the same way.

What if all of these life stories are like roots or pathways stretching out? They're like random mutations of consciousness.

What if awareness itself was trying to evolve in the same way. And how does it do it? Of course, by sending out random possibilites. The ones that succeed allow it to grow, The ones that don't work are just like the failed roots; they find no water so they shrivel and die.

No problem. Consciousness sends out a new root, a new random life, and tries again.

Consider that this is what your life has been the entire time. You're an aware being. You're one experiment that is randomised.

In the same way that animals have random mutations to see if they work... your life situation has been randomly generated, to see if that works.

Are you with me? If not, read over that last bit until it clicks.


So what is success? If consciousness itself is doing the same thing as the rest of the universe - changing and growing - then the reason you're here is the same reason the plant root reaches out into the soil.

You're here to succeed. 

There is nothing else you can try to do! What other option is there?

You've been shot off in a random direction. You're in a random life situation. You have randomised resources.

If the roots suceed then the plant succeeds. If just one root finds water, the plant will grow,

It's the same here. If just one person can thrive and find happiness and success, then the whole of awareness is nourished, it grows.


1) A root isn't like a slave of the plant; it just is the plant. Finding water to help the plant grow, is why it exists.

2) All roots reach out into the same soil - it just depends whether they will find water.

3) All roots have the same potential to grow. All roots are capable of doing it, no matter what direction they are grown in.

Lets link this to YOU.

1) You're not a slave of consciousness, you are consciousness. Finding success to help it grow is why you're here.

2) All people are born into the same world. They all have resources supplied to them. Some have it tougher than others, but that's just the challenge they've been set. They happen to have grown into drier soil.

3) All people have the same potential to grow and reach success. Everyone is growing, you get no choice - but are you doing it on purpose or unconsciously?

Your Function

So now you know that you're like a root of awareness as it tries to explore the soil of life, growing itself.

The nutrient that consciousness feeds on is success. As a root, that's what you're going for. Don't like the idea of being used? You're not. You just are the process.

There's nothing that will make you happier than carrying out your function.

By success I am not talking about money and bitches.

If you are a massively rich person with a ferrari and ten partners, but you're unsatisfied - you are not succesful.

Success isn't an external thing - its on the inside. That's something really important to know! It's a feeling of satisfaction.

Believe me, you know when you're suceeding! You just feel happier and more satisfied. You have an emotional guidance system for this reason; your emotions are your compass.



It is a cultural idea that comes from our society.

In other cultures there isn't even a word for failure! They just say 'lesson' instead.

This idea of failure is not possible. It's been planted in you to try and make you afraid. Because if you're afraid then you'll work harder.

In reality you cannot fail.

Why? Because the only reason you're here is to grow, and all failures make you grow!

See? Nothing to fear.

There is, however, one thing that you should try to avoid.


No, I'm not saying avoid religion ( that's a debate for another time).

Realise that religion is a strange, distorted version of what I've told you clearly in this article.

I told you that you're a root stemming from awareness itself, trying to grow.

Religion has taken this awareness and made it into something seperate called God, that 'has a plan for us'.

It is not so. You are God, you're an extension of God.

Mark in the Bible: 'You are destroying the word of God through your traditions that you have handed down'.

Religion has totally mixed up the idea of 'sin'! Everyone is scared to sin! But it's not what you think it is.

Sin is an Old Hebrew word, and guess what it means?

Not sex before marriage. That's laughable.

Sin = To miss the mark

Originally in religion, the idea of sin was not breaking a rule like 'do not steal' or 'do not have sex before marriage'. That's craziness!

The whole idea of sin was that it's not meeting your potential!

There is only one possible sin, and it's not doing what you're capable of.

The only sin is to not suceed when you could be succeeding.

Why? Because Jesus, Mohammed, all of them knew that God is just awarenss, and you are the roots. So the only way to displease God would be beng lazy or not doing what you could.

And even if you do miss the mark... It's not an angry man who'll punish you. There is no punishment in real life except for you feeling sad because you haven't tried.


You may think that what I've told you is crazy.

But the facts remain.

You've been given random resources.

Now your task is to use them to create the best life possible.

Follow your bliss.

Become successful using what you've been given; you have the same potential as everyone else!


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  1. With a new site on the way, here's my perspective in hindsight... This article actually touches on something deeper than all the personal development stuff; in that respect I'm quite proud of my past self haha. Yes, success IS your birthright! As for resources being randomised, I'm now not so sure they're random after all. You seem to receive exactly what you need that's conducive to your growth. But my new site will expand on this much better