Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Your Biggest Problem - and the Solution

In a nutshell, your biggest problem is your mind.

I need you to be open minded for this article, because it digs quite deep. If you feel any resistance to what I'm about to tell you, that's natural. The resistance is dogma and social conditioning.

Put those things aside for now and consider this.

All of us have a constant, babbling stream of words and images happening in our heads. This is what's called the mind.

We identify with the mind, and we consider the mind to actually BE US. So when we hear it say, 'you're fat', we think: aha, I must be fat! If we hear it say, 'other people are juding you', then we think: aha! Other people are judging me.

The biggest mistake made by everyone is to mix themselves up with the mind. When in fact the two are entirely different.

Here's the new way to think about it. The mind is a radio that's constantly chattering in the background. If you can hear a radio, do you actually believe the voice of the radio is you? Of course you don't. The same goes for the mind.

So now you may be thinking - if the voice in my head isn't me, then who's voice is it? God?

The answer is that it's the voice of society. It's the voice of social conditioning.

When we are very young, our minds are like play-doh, They are very susceptible and shapeable, very open to beliefs. This is why children are happy to believe that Santa is real. Children are very gullible.

The problem is that other things get in there as we are growing up. We are taught, firstly, to compare ourselves to others, and to think of ourselves as seperate from everything else. A nursery child is taught - that over there is a tree. Can you say tree? That is a cloud. Can you say cloud? 

There is a thing called God who is watching you. Repeat it to me - God! There is a body here in your experience - that is you. You can hear a voice in your head as well. That is also you.

So you see, from this age when our minds are open, they are quickly filled up with a whole avalanche of concepts and beliefs. If we give a thought a lot of attention, then it kind of grows and gets stuck in your brain. That's a belief.

Do you believe in God? You have no idea what God really is. The thing you're believing in is another belief.

Do you think you're fat? Compared to who? Where did you learn to compare yourself like that? Where did you learn to be critical of yourself, or to dislike parts of yourself?
Society taught you.

Now, I'm not saying that learning is bad. Of course it isn't. But be aware that many of the things you just take for granted, that you call 'real' or 'true'... they have been conditioned into you. So your single BIGGEST PROBLEM:

You don't distinguish between your mind and reality.

The moment your brain says something, you assume it to be right.
If it says that people don't like you then you believe it. 
If it says that you're worthless, you believe it.

Your only enemy is your mind.
Your only limit is your mind.
Your only illusion is your mind.
Your only demon is your mind.

Your only problem is your mind.

At this point you're thinking - that's not true, Max! I'm in debt, is that my mind? I've got the flu. Is that my mind?

That there is a prime example of what I mean. The 'problem' and the reality are not seperated. You take them to be the same thing.

Lets say you've failed your gcses and your family is disappointed in you. This is a problem because you can feel their disappointment - in your mind - and you need their approval - in your mind.

Lets say you suffer from negative thoughts. I'm a victim! you say. My life sucks! Have you considered that the roots of those beliefs, the place the negative thoughts are coming from is... you?

It's all in your head! Things come up in external reality, and the chitter-chatter mind responds to them, and you very gullibly believe it.

I'm not saying to go denying all of your problems, pretend you're not in debt, pretend you're not ill and dance around naked in a meadow. Nope. I'm saying that being in debt and having the flu are realities, not problems. The problem is that your mind gets tied up in knots over these things.

And your social conditioning is very deep-running. Its roots are so deep in your head that it's likely still denying what I'm saying and telling you it's bullshit. And you probably  believe it.

That, or its bought into what I'm saying... and you believe it.

Either way is not good enough, 

You need to have a direct experience of what I'm telling you. Try catching a thought if it comes up, and studying it. Really examine what it's saying. See for yourself that it's bullshit. 

Also notice the societal voices that come up, and that you actually believe are you. Gotta make money! says a voice. Gotta get a girlfriend. Gotta look cool. Must... be... popular.
Pain is beauty!

What a load of baloney. People attempt to solve problems by attacking them externally. But when the dirt won't go away, won't wipe off the screen, they feel powerless. They don't realise that the dirt is actually on the projector. It's on your own mind.

So if you put this into practice, what are the benefits you can expect to see?

-Less self doubt and insecurity, because you won't gullibly believe what your mind tells you.

- Less approval seeking and need to be popular.

- A clearer view of reality -more objective and less fantasy.

-Increased self confidence

-A feeling of empowerment, because you realise that the only limit is your mind. And you can deal with it.

The more deeply you can undo the social conditioning, the more you'll realise how true this is. 

You can develop a much deeper level of awareness and resistance to lies in your head.

- Max :)

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  1. With a new site on the way, here's my perspective in hindsight... The mind is not the enemy. Only when it's feeding you conditioned messages that are detrimental to your wellbeing is it a bad thing. Innately however, it's a great tool when used the right way! Positive perspectives and thinking can give you a far improved life. And not only that, but not ALL of your thoughts are the conditioned voice... Some are the voice of higher wisdoms making their way through. More on this with my new site!