Sunday, 15 May 2016

Using Nothingness and Separation, to understand Love and the problem with Humanity!

In this article I'm going to talk to you about nothing.

Emptiness, or nothingness, is the absolute essential foundation of EVERYTHING. And I put everything in capital letters, because I really mean that there isn't a single thing, from how you eat your food to why the polar icecaps are melting, that doesn't stem from nothingness.
You're probably thinking - but I thought the topic here was going to be love! And the problem with humanity!

Yes, those things both link into nothingness.
So that I don't sound crazy here, I'm going to be a bit more specific about the kind of nothingness I'm talking about.

I don't mean blackness or darkness with nothing in it. If you think I'm literally talking about a vacuum, like out in space, then that isn't really nothing. Nope. The nothingness I mean is a lot deeper, and a lot more... divine.
In fact, sages of every religious tradition, including Jesus, describe God as nothingness.
I have to be careful with my phrasing here, because it's very easy to misinterpret what I'm saying. If you don't yet understand completely, that's absolutely fine - I will try to make this clear and concise.

Essentially, you think that there's you, and you're a person who's inside 'life' as if life was a fishbowl. You think there's lots of other separate people walking around. You also perceive separate objects, such as a book being separate from a table being separate from the floor.

You even think that if you zoom in, these objects are made of lots of separate atoms.
What I'm attempting to tell you, is that all these boundaries and separations you've put around things are not real. Furthermore, you are not an individual inside of a place called life.

Life itself, is just something which we've invented, its another concept.

All separation is bullshit that we've made up.

So the Truth is that everything just is what it is.

And the kind of underlying one-ness underneath everything, is nothing.

That probably makes zero sense, but don't worry. I'll apply it now to help you understand.

So, in life we have things which we call 'good', virtues such as being selfless, helping someone out, sharing, being brave, being compassionate.

Then there are traits which we perceive as 'bad', like jealousy, like hatred or segregation.
What I want you to notice is this, the goal of this entire article:

Everything that is good and fulfilling in life, is REMOVING SEPARATION.
If you're selfless then you're acting as if there's no separate self. If you're empathising with someone, then you're connecting with them, you're becoming one person instead of two. If you're working well as a team, it feels good because you're not separate people, you're one unified group.

Love means connection to this truth. LOVE IS THE REMOVAL OF SEPARATION. If you've ever held someone in your arms then you know this; its like you become one loving, breathing unit.

On the other hand, all things that are bad, are encouraging separation. If you're lonely then its because you feel separate from everyone. If you're jealous, its because you perceive yourself as separate from someone who's better than you. If you hate something, then by definition you feel separate from it. Segregation is wrong because it's separating people.

On the other hand, equal rights are good because they're unifying people.

To add to the confusion - I'm talking about everything and nothing as if they were the same thing, which essentially they are.
The message here: All goodness and love, is being connected to one-ness.

All badness, evil and negativity stem from making separation.

If you remember, I said that all possible issues stem from this truth. Here's how:

Our society is individualistic. That means that the emphasis is on you as an individual person. You should buy this product, you can be rich and famous, you can succeed.

The paradox is that the more the focus is on you, the unhappier you'll be ( because that's separation, right?).

Low self esteem comes from a poor image of the separate self. If you have high self esteem, then you're not overly conscious of yourself; more of your role in the bigger connected picture.

Another issue is inequality of all kinds - which of course, comes from viewing different kinds of people as separate.

Want to feel more confident in a social situation? Just imagine that your are the person you're speaking with.

You might be wondering if I'm saying individual expression is bad. Of course I'm not. True creativity however, comes from a place where you are focused and flowing. In other words, no longer separate.

Hopefully this has given you a better idea of the way reality works, and what love and virtue really are.

The more you immerse yourself in one-ness, the more you remove separation, the better and more connected you will feel.


  1. With a new site on the way, here's my perspective in hindsight... Wow, this was a stab at something deep! Very true though. Separation does not feel nice, connectivity does. The more unified and holistic our perspective is, the better - both I nf exists in isolation!