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How to escape if you think you're at ' rock bottom '

You may feel that your life is hopeless, things cannot get any worse, you are doomed to fail and no one will ever love you. And you'll die alone.

If you're anything close to that then you're at what we'd call 'rock bottom'. The point where everything is awful and seems to suck. Your friends, the world, the future, and most importantly, yourself.

What's worse is that it feels like you're STUCK here. There's no way you can get out! You can't just magically get good grades. An amazing girlfriend can't just be delivered to your doorstep. People aren't going to randomly decide they like you and want to spend time with you.

If your life is a little bit mums-basement, a little bit 'cheetos for dinner' - and world of Warcraft is your one true passion - and if you're DISSATISFIED with this... then maybe its about time something changed.

Do you want change? Do you WANT to be a successful person who loves their life ? Of course you do! But unfortunately, that won't just be given to you. You're going to have to WORK for it.

Realise these two things.

1. Tony Robbins says, "when you change nothing, nothing changes." Consider that. Until you start making CHANGES, everything will stay the same.

2. Life is not unfair. It is TOUGH, but FAIR.

Let's say you're playing poker. If you get a bad hand, you still have to play it. You have to make do.

  You have to play the hand you're dealt.

Yes, John over there comes from a rich background, he's six feet tall and jacked and charismatic and his dad bought him a Ferrari. That's the hand he was dealt.

Yes, you come from a background where your parents won't let you do anything, they're telling you to be a doctor when you hate the idea. You're an ugly dwarf with one leg who's never had a real friend. That's the hand you were dealt.

Of course I'm exaggerating here, but I'm sure you can see what I'm saying.

Life is TOUGH but FAIR.

You cannot afford to sit there crying while John drives around looking cool and making money. Just because John is having success, doesn't mean you should stay in your room and sulk.

Success is NOT A LIMITED RESOURCE. Guess what - if you work for it, you can have it too. And I don't really mean a Ferrari here - I mean happiness and fulfilment, what you're really after. John is not hogging all the happiness and success.

You must shift your mindset from SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE. There is not any shortage in the world. The exact life you want is there for you, and life will happily give it to you,but life is tough. You can have what you want, but only if you get off your ass and take action - ' take the bull by the horns ' as they say. Only then will life relent and let you have what you want.
I'll recommend some nice places to start. These are easy fixes which will start you on your journey.

1. Read some Personal Development material.
Why? It'll fix your mindsets and change the way you see things. It'll start to burn away insecurity and mental problems.

2. Unless you have really serious depression or schizophrenia or something. In which case, don't take my advice, you need therapy not a seventeen year old blogger.

3. Replace bad habits. Quit the junk food, smoking weed or drinking, the video games and TV. At least for now.
They are not doing you any good. They are distracting and minimising you.

4. If the problem is your family, then assess this. Of course you are loyal to them. But will you allow your own happiness to be destroyed because of them?
If you have parents who will disown you unless you become a doctor...
Just ask yourself, is it better to be an unhappy doctor with a family?
Or to live my own life, on my terms, happily, and leave my family behind?
Either way will be tough, but you must decide. I would recommend taking your own path no matter what the cost.

5. Take small steps of action.
Today, choose the salad instead of McDonalds. Today, read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, instead of watching Netflix.
Today, meditate when you feel like going on social media.

Today, speak to some new people instead of sitting by yourself.

Make small changes and watch them stack up.
You will gather momentum. When you change the way you do things, THAT is when things change.

So simple but so effective.

Thanks for reading, as usual,
- Max :)

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  1. With a new site on the way, here's my perspective in hindsight... This article reads as a bit juvenile for me now. I've changed a lot recently! The real way to escape when you think you're at rock bottom, is simply to stop thinking you're at rock bottom, and start thinking about something else that feels better. The problem with personal development is that it wants you to keep striving, pushing yourself. Who says life has to be that way? Don't end up going through a hunch of tough stuff in the name of 'improving', you're probably doing just fine as you are.