Saturday, 28 May 2016

Get Amazing External Results

This is one of the most recent realisations I've had from reading and watching a lot of personal development content. And it is BIG.

But first, a question, Why are we all so focused on the outside? Why don't we take a look at our internal world - our mindsets, our emotions, our inner feeling?

Because the truth is that all of the good stuff does not come to you externally, until internally you have sorted yourself out. What I'm going to describe to you here is something called a 'positive upward spiral of success'.

It's an example of the kind of thing you can expect to start seeing if you go on this journey of INNER growth. You'll like the sound of this. It's everything you want, and you CAN achieve it, it is possible no matter how bad you think your circumstances are. So lets launch right in:

An upward spiral of success

- You start out maybe feeling a little low. Depressed? Insecure? Or is your life not that bad, just a little mediocre, lacking the extraordinary? This is a fine starting point.

- So you decide that you want change, and you know that that happens internally. Maybe you read a couple books: 'The Power of Now', 'The Six Pillars of Self Esteem'. That kind of stuff.

- These books change your perspective a bit. You choose to take action. This time when you're at the party, you remember what it said in the book. Maybe you have a good conversation as a result. You go home proud of yourself for the little victory.

- Or maybe you have a little triumph in a different place. Maybe you remember that the book said to drink a lot of water, and you start to feel a bit fresher as a result.

- Damn, you think to yourself. That actually felt quite nice. Maybe I should learn a bit more of this stuff...

- So you get another book. You watch another video or go to a seminar, hear a talk. Now you've learnt some new content, and you're excited to try it.

-You go to school this time and you sort out an argument, you make a new friend, you get a better grade this time,

-Damn! you think. I feel better! So you take more action, and then learn more, and then take more action.


It goes a little something like:

Commit -- Learn -- Do

The result?

You kind of get this ball of good energy, good feeling inside you that keeps on growing.

Some people call this high-vibrational energy, but if that's a little woo-woo, all you need to know is that it's this growing good feeling.

Now what happens? This is the positive spiral!

You feel better --- people like you better --- you want to eat better foods and be healthier --- you learn more --- you become more productive --- you take action, and get addicted to pushing your comfort zone.

Which makes you improve more.

Which makes people like you better, which means your social circle grows, which eventually opens up job oppurtunities.

So you make money and can afford better things.

And the whole thing spirals up and just keeps getting better!

Allow me to use an analogy.

This is like mastering an instrument for me.

At first guitar was frustrating, I couldn't play properly and my fingers fumbled and the strings hurt.

Then my fingers got stronger and my technique improved, and I could actually play a song.

Sweet! I thought. I can play a whole song! This is so cool.

And I would talk to a better player and say , "this is so cool, I can play this song! "

They'd give me this smile and reply. "Just wait. It gets better."

So I contnued to play and learnt how to do some fancy slides, play faster and with less mistakes, and do hammerr-ons and pull-offs.

"This is awesome!" I'd say, after about a year. "Look what I can do now".

And the better player would go - "I know dude! But it gets even BETTER."

Then I learnt percussive hits, how to tap different parts of the guitar to make rhythms, and do some very fancy harmonics.

And the more you learn and practice, the BETTER it gets.

Your mind will be blown! When you can get into this spiral, life just keeps getting better!

The best thing is, you need only start with small things to get the ball rolling. Just make little chages.

Commit to something, learn about it, take action. This good feeling inside you grows bigger, and it draws in the external results.


Here's the crazy thing.

If you can get to a point where you're so happy with this intenal feeling that you don't even NEED the external stuff any more... that's when your external life becomes amazing.


Don't chase external results. Work on your internal game, try and build up a good positive feeling inside of you. The better this inside feeling gets, the more the external results roll in.

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  1. With a new site on the way, here's my perspective in hindsight... I like this article and think it holds some truth. However its from a time when I was more focused on achievement. Personal development is really just the start of something far bigger. My new site will focus more on the idea of internal development!