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Find your Passion - the Path to Mastery

You may have heard me say some of these things:

- The importance of having purpose in your life
- It doesn't matter what you do; it matters how you do it

In this article I'm going to give you a clearer understanding of those concepts.

They are KEY to your life. In fact I can say with confidence, that without some kind of purpose, you will be neither happy nor fulfilled.
It is that important.

What I'm stressing here is the importance of having some kind of PASSION.

You already know what that means, but just to define - passion is when you feel a deep and strong connection to a task or hobby, such that you can lose yourself in it.

If something is your passion, then you could talk about it for ages, spend hours doing or practicing it. Most importantly, you can lose yourself in it; become so absorbed by it that you're not even thinking.

That's passion.

There is a masculine side of both men and women which needs drive and direction.
The feminine side of you needs love and openness and relaxation; to be connected and feeling.

But the masculine side wants direction; it wants to be going somewhere and doing something.

There's a specific way that you satisfy both of these sides.

One side will probably take dominance in you; make sure you stay true to the masculinity or femininity at your core. In part 2 of my article on relationships, I outlined the two things that masculine and feminine really want.

Masculine = to become so focused in a task or goal that they lose themselves.

Feminine = to be so filled with love and connection that they can surrender and lose themselves in it.

What I'm outlining here is the idea of the Path to Mastery. It's a way of life that pretty much satisfies both sides.

So what is it?

The Path to Mastery is just life itself - but directed into a specific area of passion that you can work on and give to. By attempting to master this act, whatever it may be, you go through highs and lows, struggles, and ultimately have purpose, direction and fulfillment.

My personal paths (as an example):
- I play a lot of guitar, I have heroes who I want to play like.
- I do karate. I want to become a black belt and keep going after that.
- I enjoy writing in my free time. I'd love to become a polished writer and get published someday.

Those are my three personal passions. I am trying to master each of those things. They are all things that I resonate with on a deep level, that I could spend my whole life on and be perfectly happy.

You may have noticed that with these paths there is no real goal, other than 'mastery'.

But all masters will tell you that mastery doesn't exist.

So why are you working towards this ideal?

Because it provides direction to what you're doing. If you're trying to become a master, then you're putting in a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of love. The pay off is not in an end result - it's in an incredible journey.

I'll repeat that for emphasis - its not the destination, it's the journey that will be incredible.

And obviously, by attempting to master this thing you will:

-Have some awesome skills that will serve you well
- Other people will be impressed with what you can do
- In the journey you will discover yourself
- Your self esteem and individuality are both built by being on a Path to Mastery
- You'll be a more interesting person
- You will literally discover the meaning of life ( yes - there is an actual answer to that, but I'll go into it another time).

I know this sounds exciting to me; hopefully to you too!

How does a person go about having a passion or being on a Path to Mastery then?

You probably have something that you're passionate about already. But if you don't, don't worry.

I would recommend that you sample every corner and avenue of life until you find what you love. Don't hold back! Life is an absolute buffet of talents, skills and niche areas of interest.

Sample some pottery, a bit of tai chi, take cooking classes, try making some music, talk to a lot of girls, or boys, learn to draw, play an instrument. Try some public speaking. Go travelling, go rock climbing.

Say yes to everything. You're young; you should be running all around the buffet, and trying to find out what you like and what you don't. Take every opportunity and go to as many events as you can fit in. Even if you're not young, don't waste any more time - get on your path NOW.

You'll quickly find out what feels right, and what you don't really enjoy. But somewhere among these opportunities, will be your passion.

Once you've found it, the rest is simple. Don't ever drop or quit your passion, or you'll regret it. Don't ever listen to other people if they tell you it's lame or a waste of time.

Hell, if you just love to do sketches of flowers, then ignore what people say, you sketch those flowers. Because otherwise, you're not being true to yourself, and you'll suffer.

From here, just dedicate yourself to trying to become a master of this thing.

Note: Competing with others playfully and to motivate yourself is fine. But remember that at the end of the day, you're not in it to beat people, you're just trying to reach your personal best.

This path will be full of both up times and bad times. If you want to know the rough pattern that will follow, and how to predict what's coming next, check this out.

Another quick note: Anything can be a skill or path. And I mean ANYTHING. Yep, that includes becoming a master of sex, of napping, a master of pouring tea or a master of friendship.

Find your passion, stay true to it through everything, and you will be truly maximised.

Thanks for reading,

- Max :)

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  1. With a new site on the way, here's my perspective in hindsight... Yes, just do what feels good to you. There's no one passion, just do whatever will make you happiest in any given moment