Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What I really mean by 'maximimise' - how to stop stifling or 'minimising' yourself

If you're so far unmotivated to further explore what I'm talking about... perhaps it's because you don't understand what I'm talking about.

Let's get you motivated here.

When I say 'maximise', this is what I really mean:

-You are probably limited in life by certain beliefs you have about yourself. Perhaps you think you're not good looking enough, you aren't determined enough, you aren't strong enough.

- Think you're afraid of failure? Chances are, you're just as afraid of success. If I offered a room full of people the unique chance to travel the world, learning more about life and themselves, everyone. would agree that they'd love to do that. Everyone would be full of shit. The number of people to actually turn up and come along would be low. Most likely, no one would. You're probably thinking - you're wrong Max, I take every oppurtunity!
So what if I told you that this trip is your job, and that you are responsible for every step of the way and what happens. Still up for it?

If you are a MAXIMISED human being, then:

- You get out of your own way. You are not limited by seeing yourself negatively.

-You operate at your highest level of energy, positivity and radiance whenever you can.

-You are unafraid to do what you feel like in life. You wouldn't say no to a world trip, no matter how much work it would take to earn it, no matter if its your repsonsibility. You'd feel entitled and worthy of success.

-You are a creator in life. You live with a mindset of abundance, not scarcity, by which I mean: instead of always feeling that something's missing, you are always fulfilled by what you have.

-You are authentic and true to yourself. Most people are minimised by jealousy, insecurity, and lack of motivation. You on the other hand would be living at your maximum capacity, being your BEST SELF.

Take a moment here and examine yourself. Say, out loud, "I deserve a maximised life".
Record yourself.
Do you sound like you mean it? Do you sound like you want it or deserve it?
Or do you sound like you're not sure?

Say it again; "I deserve a maximised life!"
Be more assertive this time.
Do you sound like you really mean it, or want it?
Or like you're trying to convince yourself?

Don't try to convince yourself - FEEL that at your deepest level, this is what you really do desire. Your authentic, best, maximised self wants badly to come to the surface and be free. Yet it is held back by uncertainty.

Be fearless! Here is an excellent quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that summarises what I'm saying.

“When a resolute young fellow steps up to the great bully, the world, and takes him boldly by the beard, he is often surprised to find it comes off in his hand, and that it was only tied on to scare away the timid adventurers.”

Take life by the beard now, and you will find that it yields to what you want. The only thing stopping you from reaching this empowered state of authenticity, passion and satisfaction with life, is the beard of your own uncertainty. (Yeah I know that's a weird way to put it, but you can no doubt feel the power of the chin underneath that's bursting to be given expression).

So here's how to get out of your own way and stop being stifled. Form this habit of two steps:

1. From now on, each time you are uncertain or unsure about something, squeeze your eyes shut.

When you open them again, look straight ahead with a gaze of fucking steel, a gaze that would melt iron. Pretend you are staring at all of your limiting self beliefs and uncertainties, and tell them, really firmly, to "GET OUT OF MY WAY".

You might have to repeat this a few times before you feel your own power. Keep going till you feel it. 

2.The real trick here is not to reject this scared and uncertain part of yourself. Once you have told it to move, understand that it's part of you - just not the part that should be running things. It's like a scared child. Put it in the backseat and let your BEST SELF jump in the drivers seat.

Soon you will begin to notice how often your small, minimised, afraid self is getting in the way.
Sooner or later, you will have to take charge. Make a habit of doing that NOW.

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