Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Two types of feeling

This will be a super short article, concerning an effective way to help you use your emotional guidance system.

In my other article, I explained how your emotions work as a guide to how close you are to your true path in life. If you are feeling good, the kind of life you've always wanted will begin to manifest itself. If you are feeling bad, you are minimising yourself, or stopping yourself from getting what you want.

So, there are in fact just two emotions. There is a wide range of subtle feelings within these, but essentially you can understand your feelings like this.

The two emotions are empowerment and disempowerment.

If you are feeling good in any way at all - happy, jolly, excited, optimistic - then you are experiencing the emotion of empowerment. This is how your authentic and maximised self naturally feels.

When you are empowered, your lower self is out of your way, and you're free to stroll through life powerfully and create whatever you wish.

If you feel at all bad - lonely, moody, depressed, angry, bitter - then you are experiencing the emotion of disempowerment. When you feel negative, life is suddenly out of your hands. You will attract events and people that you don't want.

Don't ever reject how you feel. Use your feelings as a map to let you know how close you are to being 'maximised'.

You can easily feel if any emotion is positive or negative, and in this way, know immediately whether you're creating the kind of life you want - or whether you are getting in your own way.

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