Friday, 15 April 2016

Simplicity vs Complexity

This will be a super short article to address the question of whether life is simple, or complex.

The answer is simple.

Reality = Simplicity

Most people would argue that you can't say life is simple - look at all the different problems we have to face, my girlfriend dumped me, I have a really complex relationship with my father, I have a very complex financial situation at the moment.

What that's really saying is not that life itself is complex. It's that your MIND is complex.

Let's examine a situation as it is in reality, and as the mind makes it.

Lets say Susie's best friend is hanging out with someone else today.

The reality of the situation = Martha (best friend) often sees Susie. Now she is speaking with Abby.

In Susie's head = That's not okay, she's my best friend, Martha is a traitor, Abby is a bitch for stealing her, what's wrong with me that meant I wasn't good enough for Martha today...

Isn't that crazy? The mind goes way out of control!

Another good example is maths or science.

The reality = a circle is a circle.

The mind says = circumference, diameter, a circle has one side, two dimensional, its area can be worked out with this theorem...

Can you see that outside of your head, the circle is none of that? It's just a circle.

We have loads of layers of these beliefs and complexities that we apply to reality. They become like instagram filters.

The mind loves complexity; it loves to think about situations and interpret them in different ways, and label things. That's a dog, it barks, that's a tree, that's the sun.

In reality, all of those are complications. Outside of your head, everything is pure and simple. The Sun is not a ball of burning gas located an exact number of light years from our planet. It just is what it is.

That's all labels we've applied to help us understand it.

So an excellent way to apply this is by noticing when your mind is overthinking something.

You can then remind yourself that it's all in your head. Even if you feel attacked, lonely, whatever - accept those feelings, but also notice that they are mind games.

The mind is complex. It tricks you into thinking life is complex.

Reality is simple.

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