Sunday, 24 April 2016

Self Interview #1 - The Shocking Truth about Maximising

I do a lot of these self interviews on paper. It's a good way to draw out your own knowledge and find out more about yourself.

So here I'm going to share one of these interviews and talk a bit about ' the truth of being maximised'.

Q: Before we start could you just clarify, once and for all, what you're really talking about on this blog.

A: 'Maximise' - here's what it really means.

 Your true nature is incredibly free, joyous, fulfilled, driven and creative. But everyone covers it over with things like insecurity, bitterness, lack of motivation, or envy.

Those things are like dirt on a windscreen. When I say 'maximised', I'm talking about wiping away the dirt and letting your real self out. When you do that, you begin to live at your maximum potential, and it feels good.

Q: Alright, that sounds good. The thing is, I'm pretty satisfied with sitting at home and playing videogames. I have a house, there's free healthcare and I've got an okay job too. Do I really need to push myself here?

A: Here's where I'm going to reveal the 'shocking truth'.

You don't really have to be maximised.

You don't have to bother with anything I say on this site. It doesn't matter if you close the window and don't come back.

The scary truth is this:

Ultimately, whatever you do really doesn't matter, and is of no real consequence. On a larger scale, whether we live or die is meaningless. How does the universe really think?

Let's say you live a life of depression and have no friends and die alone.

The universe will say - alright then.

Let's say you have an incredible life with lots of friends, and die happy and with no regrets.

The universe will say - alright then.

Reality is very blasé. It doesn't care what you do in the end. We like to think we matter, but ultimately nothing does. Why?

Because importance is a concept us humans made up.

So the action to take on that?

Realise that you can pretty much do what you like.

Q: So there's no point in me becoming maximised? Why start this blog?

Here's the paradox.

There is no point, but being maximised is your natural state. That's why it feels good when you're doing what you feel is your calling in life, or when you're enjoying something.

What I'm saying is, either you're aware you're in this natural state, or you're not aware of it.
Well-being and peace is your default. You are actually at peace right now. You are actually already complete.

Don't feel it? Can't see it?

There's the problem.

David Deida says, 'either you are living as love, or you are lost in the drama of your own life to one degree or another '.

Yes, it doesn't matter whether you choose to be maximised or not, because you ALREADY ARE. The choice is whether you want to wipe away the dirt and see it or not.

Q: If nothing matters, then why not just end my life now? What's the point in living?

A: You're free to. As harsh as it sounds, it really doesn't matter.

The thing is, the Truth here is not depressing, it's in many ways beautiful. If nothing matters, then you are free to create and do whatever you feel like. Kill yourself if you want; or don't, stay alive and enjoy. Up to you.

I would recommend staying alive though.

How about this for a brain-bender.

You might know that every piece of matter in our bodies was once at the heart of a star. Everything we're made up of, has been around since the dawn of time. Matter cannot be created or destroyed, so this thing you call 'you' that you think is new, has actually all been around forever.

You are actually the Universe thinking about itself.

Hence, if you die, the matter from your body will end up eventually in another person. Life will come around again. Kill yourself and the Universe will spit you back out to try again.

Lived a horrible life? Oh well, try again.

Lived an amazing life? Well done, try again.

That's just how it is. The problem is, when the universe thinks about itself, it can sometimes trick itself into believing that it's a separate being. That's what ' you' are.

You're reality itself, forgetting that it's reality.

Q: This is all really complicated. Can't you just give a simple reason why life exists? Why am I here? What am I meant to do?

You can easily understand those things, but they are deep questions.

Here we go.

Why are you here?

You're not. Because this place you're calling here, is your life... It's you. Do you need a reason for that? You just are what you are.
You are not a thing that exists in a place called life.

Life itself... Is you.

If that didn't click, pause and think about it.
Is there some kind of task that you're here to complete? Does life have a goal?

Nope. The goal is to be alive. That's it. By living, your are doing what you're here to do.

You're only alive, in order to be alive.

Q: So I should just enjoy myself? Can I eat loads of junk food and smoke weed and watch TV?

Yes, BUT ...

What matters isn't actually what you're doing. It's HOW you're doing it.

And why are you doing something? Ask yourself. There's only ever two reasons.

1. Because you're addicted and trying to distract yourself from a sense of emptiness/ boredom.

2. Because you're maximised and free, and you're doing so without any need to - just because you spontaneously feel like it.

Here's an interesting story:

There was once a monk who different people would come to for help in their lives.

He would take the vegan students to the river, and make them catch many fish and eat them.

He would take the meat eating students, and ask them to go vegan for a few months.

What was the monk doing?

Essentially, our brains get stuck in grooves and habits. If you are maximised then you don't live by any rules or addictions. You live with flexibility and spontaneity.

Feel shy in a certain jumper? Wear that jumper today. Think you look bad in a skirt? Wear a skirt tomorrow.

Watch a lot of TV? Go outside today. Go outside a lot? Try chilling and watching some TV.

Always get to bed on time? Throw an all nighter. Stay up late too much? Try getting enough sleep.

The maximised way is one of balance, because living by rigid rules and strict discipline can hold you back.

Q: That's interesting. This conversation has been deep. Is there any way you'd like to conclude?

It doesn't matter how I conclude ( hehe ).
Let me just say that, we're here because here is us.

Our only goal is to realise what we actually are, which is maximised. Even that is not a true goal, since it doesn't matter if you don't.

Imagine that the universe is a huge blossoming tree. You're just one of the flowers, that's all you're here as.

I'm trying to help you, and myself, to blossom - because we can.

In the end the choice is yours - grow, enjoy and love, or wilt. Either way is fine. Just make up your mind which now, and stick to it.
If you sit, sit. If you stand, stand. But whatever you do, don't wobble.

Thanks for reading!

- Max :)

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  1. With a new site on the way, here's my perspective in hindsight... Another article touching on deeper territory. Is this really shocking? Its not even the half of it. The whole idea of 'maximising' yourself is yet another synonym for being 'enlightened', 'following your bliss',, whatever you want to call it