Monday, 4 April 2016

Introduction - what is this site??

My name is Max Gorlov and you're probably thinking that, oh wow, the blog title is a pun on his name. You wouldn't be wrong there. But I also think the word 'maximise' holds some powerful meaning. A maximised life is one lived to its fullest potential - one of deep happiness, fulfilment and expression.

If you already think this sounds lame, then I'm excited, you're exactly the kind of person I want to help out here.

There are two things that I want to clarify.

The first is that, I'm not some holier-than-though guru, Buddha, personal development coach or sensei. I'm not Ghandi and I'm not claiming to know it all; I'm not even claiming that I know a lot. In fact I'm seventeen years old and I'm naïve as hell. I still get confused about what buses go where and I don't focus enough in class and I didn't really understand the ending of Inception.

The second thing is that in spite of all that, I do know some things which I just can't keep quiet about any longer. I know why most people go through life with only short patches of satisfaction that don't last. I know the way male and female psychology differs and why the genders often have trouble understanding each other. I know why people have low self esteem and how they can fix it, and why today we have so many things which are damaging us that we don't even notice - our phones, our food, the way we relate to other people. And I could shut up and just use it all for myself. Or I could share this stuff, in the most simple and approachable way I know how - and you guys can use it to start improving your lives, right away. Hopefully it will allow you to maximise yourself; in other words, to eliminate any problems you have effectively, cut the bullshit out of your life and start living passionately.

 I want to be of help. I'd like to contribute in some way to make the world a better place, and if all I can do is start a blog and share just a little of the wisdom I've learnt, then that's what I'll do - whether people read it or not.

You might have one of these questions :

What are you going to put on this site?

I'm going to post small articles that you can probably read in five minutes or less, with really easy-to-understand and practical info. I'll talk about many areas of life, from relationships to achieving your dreams, developing confidence, overcoming problems and so on. Stick with me; you may think it's all a load of crap, but you might just learn something of value.

How the heck do you know all this stuff Max? Can I really trust that you're not just over confident here?

If I'm alone then 70% of the time I'm studying psychology and personal development. It's a deep interest of mine. I've been reading this content more or less since I was twelve, so I've picked up a huge number of key lessons early on. I don't mean to brag here in any way. What I'm saying is that I'm confident that what I've learnt can be of use. With any luck, to you.

My goal here is to do nothing but share and help people out. That's what brings me the most satisfaction. Life is a big jigsaw, and we're all pieces trying to find where we fit.
Maybe, just maybe, I can help you with that.

Thanks so much,


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