Friday, 8 April 2016

Instant Life Completion - in One Article

Instant life completion sounds too good to be true. Can you really achieve it after reading just this?
Well, actually the truth is that you've already achieved it - and so has everyone else. Life doesn't have a destination. It's a journey that never ends. The key is in enjoying the journey rather than waiting for the destination.
Your surroundings and circumstances change, but the present moment will only ever look different - in itself, it is objective and complete.
The only thing that makes it incomplete is your thoughts, feelings, opinions and beliefs.
Let's say you're sitting in a park on a bench. You may look around and think, there are too many irritating children here, or there ought to be more benches and bins, the council should mow the grass a bit, those trees need pruning, they should plant some more flowers over there. This park doesn't live up to my expectations! It's not satisfying!
This park is - incomplete!
In reality you're dead wrong. Imagine that you were removed from the park. The children are playing and having fun, there's a few benches and bins, some long grass, blossoming trees and some flowers here and there.
Does that really sound like a bad park?
No! The park is fine as it is; it's complete! It will change, but it's complete.
What made it appear incomplete was you.
In the same way, when you have all these expectations about how life SHOULD be, you lose sight of the fact that it's already exactly how it's meant to be.
You might not like how it is at the moment, but it is how it is.
Life is complete in every moment. The only reason you're dissatisfied is because of all these high expectations and opinions you have. 'I believe life should be filled with friendly people '. 'I believe you should excel in every area of life'.
And then when someone is unfriendly and you fail at something, you're upset and indignant. That's not how things are meant to be!
A maximised person knows that there is no SHOULD... there's only IS.
Here's the thing. You can change your life and the world, but you cannot complete your life or the world. You have to work from a place of already being complete. Real change can come when you're already done.
When you've already got a nice complete house, now, if you want, you can add a snazzy kitchen and a loft extension and a roof garden, whatever you want.  But you must be happy already with just the house.
Because otherwise, you'll fall back into the common trap of incompleteness and seeking, or scarcity.
So congratulations! Look around you - do you have any problems that you can't tackle right now? I don't mean that you're seeing your aunty tommorow and haven't gotten her a present. I don't mean that your boyfriend dumped you two weeks ago. I mean RIGHT NOW, right this very second, right in front of you. Is there any problem this second, that you can't handle?
When you work from this place of abundance and completeness, then you can begin to see the real results.

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