Sunday, 10 April 2016

One of the best traits you can develop - Humour

Humour is one of the most endearing traits that a person can have. How can you not enjoy someone's company if they are making you laugh? But even beyond social situations, your authentic and maximised self is a humorous person. They are not serious.

It's important that you don't become absorbed by seriousness and drama. Both of those things are products of the mind. Reality is not serious; it is clear, free and humorous. The fact that you are alive is funny. Not because life is grim, but because the existence of everything is so simple and at once so complex, constantly changing and yet with the same powerful, primal essence.

Reality is full of so much paradox, that if you can't laugh aloud at absolutely everything in the universe, you're missing a vital key to your own happiness and feeling of personal freedom.

I know you're thinking that Max, there are many serious things in life that you just don't laugh at. Do you think murder is funny? Or rape, or war?

Understandably, there are some aspects of life which are twisted and severely upsetting in their nature. I'm not denying that those things should be addressed with seriousness.

What I'm saying is that you should not allow focus on those things to let you lose sight of the bigger picture. Imagine that your exams are coming up, and everyone has been telling you that if you get bad grades then you will have no future, you'll be letting everyone down including yourself, etc.

You may then become so fearful of failing these exams, so wrapped up in the seriousness of them, that you become stressed and unhappy. With your focus on all this seriousness, you lose sight of the simple facts that you are breathing and you had a nice lunch, and that the dog over there looks a little amusing. And most of all, that you're a speck of living matter on a grain of sand floating around in a giant dust-storm called the universe, and that you failing your exams has absolutely no significant effect on anything.

After all, it's just some letters and numbers on a piece of paper. All they symbolise is your capacity to show an interest in school and memorise what you're told to.

You can fail at school miserably, then spend all of your time studying personal development and become a self-employed life coach with a reasonable income. You can fail at school and still have amazing friends, do what you love and die happy.

Don't let your mind create drama around things.

An injection never hurts as much as what your brain was making you nervously expect. Meeting new people is never as scary as you thought it would be. On the days when you don't feel like going out, once you're dressed and out the door, it's actually pretty pleasant.
Yes, situations can be worse than you thought. Yes, sometimes life will throw you a curve-ball and smack you in the face. But it's in times like these that you must keep sight of the bigger picture. The best way to deal with any of it is to see the funny side, and then take whatever action must be taken.

The alternative is to cling to how unlucky you are, get hung up on serious things and become a victim of life.

Your are at your maximum when instead of being a serious jackass, you are a humorous fool (to paraphrase Dan Millman).

So - develop the ability to see your life as a whole, and also as part of a far grander scheme. When you can laugh, you're ready for anything.

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