Thursday, 7 April 2016

Failure and Mistakes - Two of the Best Things in Life

After that title, you might be thinking, no way is failure a good thing. And how can me messing up repeatedly in my life actually make my life any better?

Max Gorlov is a far, far, FAR from perfect human being. He spends too much time writing these articles. He overthinks about himself. He doesn't do his homework enough and gets in trouble a lot for that. He doesn't know it all when it comes to this stuff.

He bangs on about becoming 'maximised' but is a long way away from having that kind of life himself.

If you're human then you're something like me.

The human condition is roughly the same for the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. There isn't a single person on this planet who doesn't mess up somehow every day.

And yet, one of the biggest minimising beliefs is:

I'm getting it wrong, and everyone else is getting it right. I get jealous, scared, insecure but other people aren't like me. Look at that guy over there - he's big and good looking and he has nothing to worry about.

Don't be so sure.

Barack Obama gets it wrong. The best basketballers have days when they can't score a hoop. Your teacher is worried that they're not teaching well enough.

They say 'never meet your heroes', because in real life, the people that you idolise are just human. They're not even that different from you.

If you see a guy in a suit looking sharp, looking like he's got his act together - imagine him on the toilet. Guess what. He might make a lot of money, but he's a human, and he's got human fears and concerns no matter how much he looks like James Bond.

A maximised person understands that regardless of what status we might have,we are all human beings. None of us are really that different; we all have the same worries and concerns on the inside. However you feel right now, someone else feels roughly excatly the same, someone else has been through it before.

So, mistakes and failure are also part of this human  condition we all share. It is in our nature to grow and become more mature and powerful over time. The statue takes shape by getting chiselled and hammered at and chipped.

Life will chisel at you, hammer at you and chip bits off you. But this is good, it's natural.
Nothing happens without there being a lesson in it, a possibility for growth.

Please, please make mistakes, and just enjoy life as you move through it.
There is no failure.

To become more maximised, realise that a situation can only ever be one of two things.

If it's a success, celebrate it.
If it's a lesson, learn from it.

Get out there, start making mistakes today, let your life take shape.

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