Monday, 6 June 2016

Why Success is your Birthright

This is going to be really deep and informative, so stick around to the end!

Lets do a thought exercise.

Life Story

So - we all have our own localised reality. It's like a bubble of 'life' that exists around us, right? You're living through your movie. I'm living through my movie.

Even if we're standing next to eachother, you're at the centre of your reality, and I'm at the centre of mine. Everybody has their own life or movie playing out around them.

When you think about it, this is actually pretty strange. Every human being that we see and interact with has their own complete set of emotions, opinions, and has their own history or story which they've starred in the whole way. It's easy to forget that and be intimidated by people, or even hate them. If you hate someone, just remember that they're in the exact same situation as you are. They've been dumped in their own story too.

And don't think I'm talking about other people only. I mean you. You're in this story right now, living it out, even as you read.

Now what does this have to do with success?

Well, that's the big question. What is success really? And why are we here; why are we all living out these stories?


I'm going to go a little deep here to help you understand.

When a plant wants to grow, it sends out roots that explore the earth around it. Each of these roots is moving in its own direction to try and find a succesful source of nutrients that will allow the plant to grow. The roots that work soak up the nutrients, the ones that don't will shrivel and fail.

What about life at a larger scale? A species tries lots of different mutations, each creating a new path that the animal could progress down through the generations. If a mutation gives an advantage - like the hump of a camel - then that path works and camels evolve to have humps. If it doesn't work then that animal dies off. The unsuccessful die out and the successful survive. This is the survival of the fittest.

All life does this. It's the evolutionary process and it's fundamental to every aspect of reality.

So what are you?

Lets zoom out even further.

Surely we can't assume that we're the only things in the universe that are the exception to this rule.

We are all conscious or aware, right? You must be conscious in order to read this article.

You could describe this bubble of life around you as a field of awareness - right? The bubble is everything that you're aware of.


Consider for a moment - and you don't have to believe me, but lets entertain the possibility - that reality on a large scale works in the same way.

What if all of these life stories are like roots or pathways stretching out? They're like random mutations of consciousness.

What if awareness itself was trying to evolve in the same way. And how does it do it? Of course, by sending out random possibilites. The ones that succeed allow it to grow, The ones that don't work are just like the failed roots; they find no water so they shrivel and die.

No problem. Consciousness sends out a new root, a new random life, and tries again.

Consider that this is what your life has been the entire time. You're an aware being. You're one experiment that is randomised.

In the same way that animals have random mutations to see if they work... your life situation has been randomly generated, to see if that works.

Are you with me? If not, read over that last bit until it clicks.


So what is success? If consciousness itself is doing the same thing as the rest of the universe - changing and growing - then the reason you're here is the same reason the plant root reaches out into the soil.

You're here to succeed. 

There is nothing else you can try to do! What other option is there?

You've been shot off in a random direction. You're in a random life situation. You have randomised resources.

If the roots suceed then the plant succeeds. If just one root finds water, the plant will grow,

It's the same here. If just one person can thrive and find happiness and success, then the whole of awareness is nourished, it grows.


1) A root isn't like a slave of the plant; it just is the plant. Finding water to help the plant grow, is why it exists.

2) All roots reach out into the same soil - it just depends whether they will find water.

3) All roots have the same potential to grow. All roots are capable of doing it, no matter what direction they are grown in.

Lets link this to YOU.

1) You're not a slave of consciousness, you are consciousness. Finding success to help it grow is why you're here.

2) All people are born into the same world. They all have resources supplied to them. Some have it tougher than others, but that's just the challenge they've been set. They happen to have grown into drier soil.

3) All people have the same potential to grow and reach success. Everyone is growing, you get no choice - but are you doing it on purpose or unconsciously?

Your Function

So now you know that you're like a root of awareness as it tries to explore the soil of life, growing itself.

The nutrient that consciousness feeds on is success. As a root, that's what you're going for. Don't like the idea of being used? You're not. You just are the process.

There's nothing that will make you happier than carrying out your function.

By success I am not talking about money and bitches.

If you are a massively rich person with a ferrari and ten partners, but you're unsatisfied - you are not succesful.

Success isn't an external thing - its on the inside. That's something really important to know! It's a feeling of satisfaction.

Believe me, you know when you're suceeding! You just feel happier and more satisfied. You have an emotional guidance system for this reason; your emotions are your compass.



It is a cultural idea that comes from our society.

In other cultures there isn't even a word for failure! They just say 'lesson' instead.

This idea of failure is not possible. It's been planted in you to try and make you afraid. Because if you're afraid then you'll work harder.

In reality you cannot fail.

Why? Because the only reason you're here is to grow, and all failures make you grow!

See? Nothing to fear.

There is, however, one thing that you should try to avoid.


No, I'm not saying avoid religion ( that's a debate for another time).

Realise that religion is a strange, distorted version of what I've told you clearly in this article.

I told you that you're a root stemming from awareness itself, trying to grow.

Religion has taken this awareness and made it into something seperate called God, that 'has a plan for us'.

It is not so. You are God, you're an extension of God.

Mark in the Bible: 'You are destroying the word of God through your traditions that you have handed down'.

Religion has totally mixed up the idea of 'sin'! Everyone is scared to sin! But it's not what you think it is.

Sin is an Old Hebrew word, and guess what it means?

Not sex before marriage. That's laughable.

Sin = To miss the mark

Originally in religion, the idea of sin was not breaking a rule like 'do not steal' or 'do not have sex before marriage'. That's craziness!

The whole idea of sin was that it's not meeting your potential!

There is only one possible sin, and it's not doing what you're capable of.

The only sin is to not suceed when you could be succeeding.

Why? Because Jesus, Mohammed, all of them knew that God is just awarenss, and you are the roots. So the only way to displease God would be beng lazy or not doing what you could.

And even if you do miss the mark... It's not an angry man who'll punish you. There is no punishment in real life except for you feeling sad because you haven't tried.


You may think that what I've told you is crazy.

But the facts remain.

You've been given random resources.

Now your task is to use them to create the best life possible.

Follow your bliss.

Become successful using what you've been given; you have the same potential as everyone else!


Sunday, 29 May 2016

The One Month Challenge - Turn your Whole Life Around

Do you like testing your own willpower and determination?

This is for you.

Do you have things that you've been meaning to get around to, but keep putting off?

Want to stop procrastinating and get some shit done?

This is for you.

Is there stuff you're avoiding in your life that you just can't face getting down to or confronting?

This is for you.

Or maybe you want to see some big life changes, you want to really take yourself to the next level.

To be clear - this is basically for everyone.

Here's the challenge, and I will explain it in depth:

For the next four weeks, every time you have to make a decision, do not let yourself take the easy way out.


What do I mean by that? I'll give you some examples to clarify.

In an argument, its hard to admit you're wrong. But that's exactly what you're going to do.

When you have homework, its hard to stay off social media and sit down and get it done. But that's exactly what you're going to do.

If you're on bad terms with someone but you don't want to go through making up and becoming friends - that's what you're going to do.

If you've been meaning to make some money, but you can't be bothered to find a job - this month, you're going to do everything in your power to get a job.

If you've been wanting for ages to have a boy/girlfriend, you're going to go out and meet people and get one.

If you're a shy person who finds it difficult to make friends - this month you're going to go with the tough option and socialise.

You're going to go with the tough option at every choice!

If you do this then your life will SUPERCHARGE.

Everything you've been wanting to happen, you'll finally make it happen.

But how will you stop yourself from taking the easy way out? There has to be a forfeit, right? Or some kind of reward?

The truth is: The reward will be the results you get from doing this. Your mind will be blown.
If you break your commitment in this challenge, then you have no one to blame except yourself.

I will be doing this starting next month. If you're with me then speak up and we can do it together for motivation.

Who knows. This might even become a new lifestyle for you.

Good luck, and take the tough options.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Get Amazing External Results

This is one of the most recent realisations I've had from reading and watching a lot of personal development content. And it is BIG.

But first, a question, Why are we all so focused on the outside? Why don't we take a look at our internal world - our mindsets, our emotions, our inner feeling?

Because the truth is that all of the good stuff does not come to you externally, until internally you have sorted yourself out. What I'm going to describe to you here is something called a 'positive upward spiral of success'.

It's an example of the kind of thing you can expect to start seeing if you go on this journey of INNER growth. You'll like the sound of this. It's everything you want, and you CAN achieve it, it is possible no matter how bad you think your circumstances are. So lets launch right in:

An upward spiral of success

- You start out maybe feeling a little low. Depressed? Insecure? Or is your life not that bad, just a little mediocre, lacking the extraordinary? This is a fine starting point.

- So you decide that you want change, and you know that that happens internally. Maybe you read a couple books: 'The Power of Now', 'The Six Pillars of Self Esteem'. That kind of stuff.

- These books change your perspective a bit. You choose to take action. This time when you're at the party, you remember what it said in the book. Maybe you have a good conversation as a result. You go home proud of yourself for the little victory.

- Or maybe you have a little triumph in a different place. Maybe you remember that the book said to drink a lot of water, and you start to feel a bit fresher as a result.

- Damn, you think to yourself. That actually felt quite nice. Maybe I should learn a bit more of this stuff...

- So you get another book. You watch another video or go to a seminar, hear a talk. Now you've learnt some new content, and you're excited to try it.

-You go to school this time and you sort out an argument, you make a new friend, you get a better grade this time,

-Damn! you think. I feel better! So you take more action, and then learn more, and then take more action.


It goes a little something like:

Commit -- Learn -- Do

The result?

You kind of get this ball of good energy, good feeling inside you that keeps on growing.

Some people call this high-vibrational energy, but if that's a little woo-woo, all you need to know is that it's this growing good feeling.

Now what happens? This is the positive spiral!

You feel better --- people like you better --- you want to eat better foods and be healthier --- you learn more --- you become more productive --- you take action, and get addicted to pushing your comfort zone.

Which makes you improve more.

Which makes people like you better, which means your social circle grows, which eventually opens up job oppurtunities.

So you make money and can afford better things.

And the whole thing spirals up and just keeps getting better!

Allow me to use an analogy.

This is like mastering an instrument for me.

At first guitar was frustrating, I couldn't play properly and my fingers fumbled and the strings hurt.

Then my fingers got stronger and my technique improved, and I could actually play a song.

Sweet! I thought. I can play a whole song! This is so cool.

And I would talk to a better player and say , "this is so cool, I can play this song! "

They'd give me this smile and reply. "Just wait. It gets better."

So I contnued to play and learnt how to do some fancy slides, play faster and with less mistakes, and do hammerr-ons and pull-offs.

"This is awesome!" I'd say, after about a year. "Look what I can do now".

And the better player would go - "I know dude! But it gets even BETTER."

Then I learnt percussive hits, how to tap different parts of the guitar to make rhythms, and do some very fancy harmonics.

And the more you learn and practice, the BETTER it gets.

Your mind will be blown! When you can get into this spiral, life just keeps getting better!

The best thing is, you need only start with small things to get the ball rolling. Just make little chages.

Commit to something, learn about it, take action. This good feeling inside you grows bigger, and it draws in the external results.


Here's the crazy thing.

If you can get to a point where you're so happy with this intenal feeling that you don't even NEED the external stuff any more... that's when your external life becomes amazing.


Don't chase external results. Work on your internal game, try and build up a good positive feeling inside of you. The better this inside feeling gets, the more the external results roll in.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Your Biggest Problem - and the Solution

In a nutshell, your biggest problem is your mind.

I need you to be open minded for this article, because it digs quite deep. If you feel any resistance to what I'm about to tell you, that's natural. The resistance is dogma and social conditioning.

Put those things aside for now and consider this.

All of us have a constant, babbling stream of words and images happening in our heads. This is what's called the mind.

We identify with the mind, and we consider the mind to actually BE US. So when we hear it say, 'you're fat', we think: aha, I must be fat! If we hear it say, 'other people are juding you', then we think: aha! Other people are judging me.

The biggest mistake made by everyone is to mix themselves up with the mind. When in fact the two are entirely different.

Here's the new way to think about it. The mind is a radio that's constantly chattering in the background. If you can hear a radio, do you actually believe the voice of the radio is you? Of course you don't. The same goes for the mind.

So now you may be thinking - if the voice in my head isn't me, then who's voice is it? God?

The answer is that it's the voice of society. It's the voice of social conditioning.

When we are very young, our minds are like play-doh, They are very susceptible and shapeable, very open to beliefs. This is why children are happy to believe that Santa is real. Children are very gullible.

The problem is that other things get in there as we are growing up. We are taught, firstly, to compare ourselves to others, and to think of ourselves as seperate from everything else. A nursery child is taught - that over there is a tree. Can you say tree? That is a cloud. Can you say cloud? 

There is a thing called God who is watching you. Repeat it to me - God! There is a body here in your experience - that is you. You can hear a voice in your head as well. That is also you.

So you see, from this age when our minds are open, they are quickly filled up with a whole avalanche of concepts and beliefs. If we give a thought a lot of attention, then it kind of grows and gets stuck in your brain. That's a belief.

Do you believe in God? You have no idea what God really is. The thing you're believing in is another belief.

Do you think you're fat? Compared to who? Where did you learn to compare yourself like that? Where did you learn to be critical of yourself, or to dislike parts of yourself?
Society taught you.

Now, I'm not saying that learning is bad. Of course it isn't. But be aware that many of the things you just take for granted, that you call 'real' or 'true'... they have been conditioned into you. So your single BIGGEST PROBLEM:

You don't distinguish between your mind and reality.

The moment your brain says something, you assume it to be right.
If it says that people don't like you then you believe it. 
If it says that you're worthless, you believe it.

Your only enemy is your mind.
Your only limit is your mind.
Your only illusion is your mind.
Your only demon is your mind.

Your only problem is your mind.

At this point you're thinking - that's not true, Max! I'm in debt, is that my mind? I've got the flu. Is that my mind?

That there is a prime example of what I mean. The 'problem' and the reality are not seperated. You take them to be the same thing.

Lets say you've failed your gcses and your family is disappointed in you. This is a problem because you can feel their disappointment - in your mind - and you need their approval - in your mind.

Lets say you suffer from negative thoughts. I'm a victim! you say. My life sucks! Have you considered that the roots of those beliefs, the place the negative thoughts are coming from is... you?

It's all in your head! Things come up in external reality, and the chitter-chatter mind responds to them, and you very gullibly believe it.

I'm not saying to go denying all of your problems, pretend you're not in debt, pretend you're not ill and dance around naked in a meadow. Nope. I'm saying that being in debt and having the flu are realities, not problems. The problem is that your mind gets tied up in knots over these things.

And your social conditioning is very deep-running. Its roots are so deep in your head that it's likely still denying what I'm saying and telling you it's bullshit. And you probably  believe it.

That, or its bought into what I'm saying... and you believe it.

Either way is not good enough, 

You need to have a direct experience of what I'm telling you. Try catching a thought if it comes up, and studying it. Really examine what it's saying. See for yourself that it's bullshit. 

Also notice the societal voices that come up, and that you actually believe are you. Gotta make money! says a voice. Gotta get a girlfriend. Gotta look cool. Must... be... popular.
Pain is beauty!

What a load of baloney. People attempt to solve problems by attacking them externally. But when the dirt won't go away, won't wipe off the screen, they feel powerless. They don't realise that the dirt is actually on the projector. It's on your own mind.

So if you put this into practice, what are the benefits you can expect to see?

-Less self doubt and insecurity, because you won't gullibly believe what your mind tells you.

- Less approval seeking and need to be popular.

- A clearer view of reality -more objective and less fantasy.

-Increased self confidence

-A feeling of empowerment, because you realise that the only limit is your mind. And you can deal with it.

The more deeply you can undo the social conditioning, the more you'll realise how true this is. 

You can develop a much deeper level of awareness and resistance to lies in your head.

- Max :)

Saturday, 21 May 2016

How to escape if you think you're at ' rock bottom '

You may feel that your life is hopeless, things cannot get any worse, you are doomed to fail and no one will ever love you. And you'll die alone.

If you're anything close to that then you're at what we'd call 'rock bottom'. The point where everything is awful and seems to suck. Your friends, the world, the future, and most importantly, yourself.

What's worse is that it feels like you're STUCK here. There's no way you can get out! You can't just magically get good grades. An amazing girlfriend can't just be delivered to your doorstep. People aren't going to randomly decide they like you and want to spend time with you.

If your life is a little bit mums-basement, a little bit 'cheetos for dinner' - and world of Warcraft is your one true passion - and if you're DISSATISFIED with this... then maybe its about time something changed.

Do you want change? Do you WANT to be a successful person who loves their life ? Of course you do! But unfortunately, that won't just be given to you. You're going to have to WORK for it.

Realise these two things.

1. Tony Robbins says, "when you change nothing, nothing changes." Consider that. Until you start making CHANGES, everything will stay the same.

2. Life is not unfair. It is TOUGH, but FAIR.

Let's say you're playing poker. If you get a bad hand, you still have to play it. You have to make do.

  You have to play the hand you're dealt.

Yes, John over there comes from a rich background, he's six feet tall and jacked and charismatic and his dad bought him a Ferrari. That's the hand he was dealt.

Yes, you come from a background where your parents won't let you do anything, they're telling you to be a doctor when you hate the idea. You're an ugly dwarf with one leg who's never had a real friend. That's the hand you were dealt.

Of course I'm exaggerating here, but I'm sure you can see what I'm saying.

Life is TOUGH but FAIR.

You cannot afford to sit there crying while John drives around looking cool and making money. Just because John is having success, doesn't mean you should stay in your room and sulk.

Success is NOT A LIMITED RESOURCE. Guess what - if you work for it, you can have it too. And I don't really mean a Ferrari here - I mean happiness and fulfilment, what you're really after. John is not hogging all the happiness and success.

You must shift your mindset from SCARCITY to ABUNDANCE. There is not any shortage in the world. The exact life you want is there for you, and life will happily give it to you,but life is tough. You can have what you want, but only if you get off your ass and take action - ' take the bull by the horns ' as they say. Only then will life relent and let you have what you want.
I'll recommend some nice places to start. These are easy fixes which will start you on your journey.

1. Read some Personal Development material.
Why? It'll fix your mindsets and change the way you see things. It'll start to burn away insecurity and mental problems.

2. Unless you have really serious depression or schizophrenia or something. In which case, don't take my advice, you need therapy not a seventeen year old blogger.

3. Replace bad habits. Quit the junk food, smoking weed or drinking, the video games and TV. At least for now.
They are not doing you any good. They are distracting and minimising you.

4. If the problem is your family, then assess this. Of course you are loyal to them. But will you allow your own happiness to be destroyed because of them?
If you have parents who will disown you unless you become a doctor...
Just ask yourself, is it better to be an unhappy doctor with a family?
Or to live my own life, on my terms, happily, and leave my family behind?
Either way will be tough, but you must decide. I would recommend taking your own path no matter what the cost.

5. Take small steps of action.
Today, choose the salad instead of McDonalds. Today, read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, instead of watching Netflix.
Today, meditate when you feel like going on social media.

Today, speak to some new people instead of sitting by yourself.

Make small changes and watch them stack up.
You will gather momentum. When you change the way you do things, THAT is when things change.

So simple but so effective.

Thanks for reading, as usual,
- Max :)

Enjoyed this?

Find out how you can work on your internal game to start bringing about an 'upward spiral of success'.

The Number One Thing limiting you?

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The 7 Best Ways to Spend your Time

In the modern world we are focused entirely on doing,

The emphasis is always on, what more can we do? What  more can we have in this area of life? How can we add to our routines over here?

The implication is that adding more makes us happier or more fulfilled somehow. It's like we're trying to fill ourselves up. In reality, what we are actually doing is distracting ourselves.

From what?

From the fact that we don't know who we are, why we're here or why we're actually doig anything. Stop and think for a second and you will realise that you can't actually answer any of those questions, at least not solidly.

So with this article I'm delivering seven habits that make up a completely different strucure of living. One which is about doing less rather than more. Because clearly the structure we have at the moment, of searching for material success and external achievement, is not making anyone TRULY happy.

Paradoxically, being 'maximised' comes from doing fewer things, but doing them well.

Habit 1 : Meditation

This is something everyone should know and be able to do!
It should be taught to us in school!

Meditation is an essential life skill.

Meditation is as important to your happiness as money is to your survival.

It is truly fundamental to being fulfilled.

If you don't know how to do it, I will outline that in another article, but the basics are here:

Sit down comfortably for twenty minutes each day, close your eyes, watch your thoughts. Just observe them and breathe. After twenty minutes, open your eyes again.

You will have an incredible sense of silence and calm. That stillness, is what you've been running away from this whole time.

That stillness is always there, but you lose it in the clamour of mental noise that your brain is constantly bombarding you with. But reconnect to the stillness for just a little bit each day, and the benefits... oh, man.

I'll outline a small list of them here, all supported by scientific studies:

- 10x greater focus

- 50% increase in immunity to disease - more than athletes

- Enhanced ability to cope under stress

- 75% decrease in feelings of depression

-  Improved memory and mood

- Balances your blood pressure

- Less likely to develop alzheimers/ dementia

- Reduced need for sleep ( feel more energised on less rest)

Overall, this one minor habit, of just 20 minutes a day, has incredible benefits accross the board.

For a list of 76 items check out this site:

This is a non-religious practice, so don't let any beliefs stop you. Meditation is incredible.

Habit 2: Knowledge

Read a book, watch a documentary, do some study. Become an expert in a chosen field.

This is so simple. Don't waste your time on soap operas or cheap reality TV, that stuff is not educating you.

Get interested in something and learn about it, and make it something actually beneficial to your life.

You're a human; your capacity to learn is what has allowed your race to come this far.

I would reccommend some of the following areas to learn about, as they have direct impact on the quality of your life:

- Happiness and the psychology behind it

-Wealth and finance

-Health and Nutrition

- Personal development

-Sexuality and relationships

Study in those areas will be really useful to you. It's time well spent rather than wasted.

Habit 3: Slow, Deliberate, Mindful Action

Max, it's all very well telling me to sit around and read and meditate, but what about when things actually need to get DONE?

I can't meditate myself a living, and reading won't get the housework done.

You're absolutely right.

But HOW are you doing those things?

Do they have your undivided attention, or is your mind on football while you're dusting? Are you walking to school worrying about the day, or are you focused on your walking, on your surroundings, on your body as you move?

Mindul action will make you present and stop your mind wandering.

When your mind wanders, it causes you a lot of grief because you begin to worry about things outside of your control.

Wake up! Is there anything wrong with the present moment? Is there anything RIGHT NOW that you can't handle, right in front of you?

Live and breather what is real, not what your mind is yacking at you about.

Do everything with love and attention.

Always maintain a little bit of attention in your own body, feeling each cell and how alive it is.

This is something Eckhart Tolle teaches ( if you don't know about him, that would be a good place to start with Habit 2).

Habit 4: Life Purpose

The thing with this is that you're always right.

What is a life purpose?

Well, whatever you want really.

Life is neutral. Do you think your purpose is to maintain a wonderful family life? You're right, that is your purpose.

Do you think your purpose is to draw art and sell it at the market? You're right, that's exactly what you need to do.

Really, your heart guides you with this stuff.

Habit 4 is just making sure that the time you do spend on activities, is spent on activites that you can feel you're meant to be doing in life.

It doesn't matter what, as long as it's what your heart says.

If you can feel that you need to be getting out there and educating young people on what it's like to be gender fluid - but instead you're working in subway - then you're not on your life purpose.

Get out there and do what you need to be doing.

Habit 5: Contemplation

What is life?

What is death?

Who am I?

Why do humans behave in this certain way?

Why do my parents have these beliefs? Should I believe the same thing?

Do I really exist? What is existence?

Ask yourself the big questions. Don't shy away from them.

Sit down and think for a while every now and then. Don't do anything, just ask yourself the question and then look for the answer inside of you. That's contemplation.

If you never ask yourself the big questions, then you are walking around in a haze. That's not ideal.

Ignorance is a low level of bliss.

Thinking you understand when you don't is suffering.

Higher Understanding is a little like advanced ignorance - you don't hold as much value on concepts and knowledge.

Real bliss is not ignorance, but wisdom.

That's even a good place to start contemplating.

Habit 6 - Being

Do nothing at all. Just allow the present moment to be exactly as it is.

Do not think, do not resist. Just BE.

So simple. It brings such happiness and peace. But who actually does it?

Relax, let your attention sink into your body. Be present to what is happening.

This will amaze you. If you practice it at all times, then you'll find that the best response to whatever comes up, and the right action to take, will alway just come to you spontaneously.

Always breathe, relax, exist. This is the simplest habit.

Habit 7: Enlightenment

This is an extremely advanced topic that is too long for me to go into detail on in this article. I will cover it soon.

Nothing in life is deeper than this. This topic is the absolute limit of depth you can reach with all this stuff.

Have you heard the story of Buddha sitting beneath the tree? He sat there a long time and suddenly, everything clicked for him. He was 'enlightened'.

Jesus was enlightened.

Many people on our planet today are enlightened. It is estimated, about 10, 000 out of all of the billions,

Think this is hippy or spiritual bullshit? Not so. It is actually a very empirical and objective process, which involves breaking down your entire sense of self.

And I'm too much of a wimp to sit down and do it yet, because it is emotionally challenging. But it is also the single most powerful and rewarding thing you can do as a human being.

If you would like to know more then I reccomend this video.

Be patient and it will change your whole life.

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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Using Nothingness and Separation, to understand Love and the problem with Humanity!

In this article I'm going to talk to you about nothing.

Emptiness, or nothingness, is the absolute essential foundation of EVERYTHING. And I put everything in capital letters, because I really mean that there isn't a single thing, from how you eat your food to why the polar icecaps are melting, that doesn't stem from nothingness.
You're probably thinking - but I thought the topic here was going to be love! And the problem with humanity!

Yes, those things both link into nothingness.
So that I don't sound crazy here, I'm going to be a bit more specific about the kind of nothingness I'm talking about.

I don't mean blackness or darkness with nothing in it. If you think I'm literally talking about a vacuum, like out in space, then that isn't really nothing. Nope. The nothingness I mean is a lot deeper, and a lot more... divine.
In fact, sages of every religious tradition, including Jesus, describe God as nothingness.
I have to be careful with my phrasing here, because it's very easy to misinterpret what I'm saying. If you don't yet understand completely, that's absolutely fine - I will try to make this clear and concise.

Essentially, you think that there's you, and you're a person who's inside 'life' as if life was a fishbowl. You think there's lots of other separate people walking around. You also perceive separate objects, such as a book being separate from a table being separate from the floor.

You even think that if you zoom in, these objects are made of lots of separate atoms.
What I'm attempting to tell you, is that all these boundaries and separations you've put around things are not real. Furthermore, you are not an individual inside of a place called life.

Life itself, is just something which we've invented, its another concept.

All separation is bullshit that we've made up.

So the Truth is that everything just is what it is.

And the kind of underlying one-ness underneath everything, is nothing.

That probably makes zero sense, but don't worry. I'll apply it now to help you understand.

So, in life we have things which we call 'good', virtues such as being selfless, helping someone out, sharing, being brave, being compassionate.

Then there are traits which we perceive as 'bad', like jealousy, like hatred or segregation.
What I want you to notice is this, the goal of this entire article:

Everything that is good and fulfilling in life, is REMOVING SEPARATION.
If you're selfless then you're acting as if there's no separate self. If you're empathising with someone, then you're connecting with them, you're becoming one person instead of two. If you're working well as a team, it feels good because you're not separate people, you're one unified group.

Love means connection to this truth. LOVE IS THE REMOVAL OF SEPARATION. If you've ever held someone in your arms then you know this; its like you become one loving, breathing unit.

On the other hand, all things that are bad, are encouraging separation. If you're lonely then its because you feel separate from everyone. If you're jealous, its because you perceive yourself as separate from someone who's better than you. If you hate something, then by definition you feel separate from it. Segregation is wrong because it's separating people.

On the other hand, equal rights are good because they're unifying people.

To add to the confusion - I'm talking about everything and nothing as if they were the same thing, which essentially they are.
The message here: All goodness and love, is being connected to one-ness.

All badness, evil and negativity stem from making separation.

If you remember, I said that all possible issues stem from this truth. Here's how:

Our society is individualistic. That means that the emphasis is on you as an individual person. You should buy this product, you can be rich and famous, you can succeed.

The paradox is that the more the focus is on you, the unhappier you'll be ( because that's separation, right?).

Low self esteem comes from a poor image of the separate self. If you have high self esteem, then you're not overly conscious of yourself; more of your role in the bigger connected picture.

Another issue is inequality of all kinds - which of course, comes from viewing different kinds of people as separate.

Want to feel more confident in a social situation? Just imagine that your are the person you're speaking with.

You might be wondering if I'm saying individual expression is bad. Of course I'm not. True creativity however, comes from a place where you are focused and flowing. In other words, no longer separate.

Hopefully this has given you a better idea of the way reality works, and what love and virtue really are.

The more you immerse yourself in one-ness, the more you remove separation, the better and more connected you will feel.